You Can Choose Not to Invest in SMRT

Recently, a comment by the SMRT CEO cause online uproar on blogs and Internet forum.

People can board the trains – it is whether they choose to.

As I always say, Singapore public listed company don’t need to listen to the customers, however, they must answer to the shareholders.

When I start noticing MRT trains have become very crowded, sometimes even during off-peak hours. So, I start to buy SMRT shares periodically since early 2009.

Today, my unrealized capital gain (paper profit) on SMRT hit above 40% and enjoy good dividend too.

Look at the latest annual report:


Yes, I do get squeeze like sardines in the train or bus, but when I receive the dividend or see the SMRT stock price going up, these grouses are just a small issue.

The more crowded the train or bus, the more dividend I will received. 🙂

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