Year End Bonus From Google

Just received a cheque of SG$155.50 from Google for the 2007 year end celebration. hurray !

This is AdSense earning for the month of November.

Google AdSense Cheque

This is not my first AdSense cheque, not the last one too.

Google’s adsense internet marketing program, allows end-users to view relevant ads on a publisher’s website. The website is usually hosted through a good web hosting company. But cheap web hosting companies are the best choice. Countless sites like PayPal prefer the pay per click method to run ads on other websites.

This ppc method is much more economical. Nowadays the craze for wireless internet is getting regular cable users to switch to such packages. Everyone is turning to wireless internet and buying laptops.

Also, I just requested a cashout from Advertlets, maybe will receive the money around the middle of February …. hopefully. Fingers crossed 🙂

And, more money coming next month ……

My Kontera earnings is exceeded the minimum US$100 payout already. They will direct deposit the revenue into my PayPal account once all the clicks are audited.

I also making small amount of revenue (US$41.07) from LinkWorth this month. Probably, I will receive the payment on the first week of Jan 2008.

Quite a good 2007 year end closing, right?

So, all my friend, making some pocket money on the Internet is not hard. Start your engine blog now.

My fellow bloggers, how much do you make lately? Must be quite a lot lah …

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5 comments on “Year End Bonus From Google
  1. Cris says:

    Congratulations to your cheque too! 😀

  2. DK says:

    Wow…. just in time for the electric bill hike. 😀

  3. azrin says:

    Good for you..but one thing..that is NOT A CTS CHEQUE, the heck do you cash it to your POSB acct?!!

    Best regards

    azrin @

  4. farhah says:

    Congrats! I’ve just started, so my earnings are quite low, but looking forward to cash out! (:

  5. hanneng says:

    @Cris, DK, Farhah,
    Thanks for your encouragement.

    Don’t worry, just drop into the quick cheque deposit box of your preferred bank. Cheque issuer (Citibank) will do the rest. No Fee, No Charge.

    I’ve deposited in DBS, UOB, Citibank & StanChart previously. No problem at all.

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