WidgetBucks CPM Ads is Live Now

On 29 Nov, WidgetBucks (WB) announced they are offering CPM ads for international traffic in early December 2007.

This give us the opportunities to earn few dollars, per impression, for traffic that comes from countries outside U.S. and Canada.

As I mentioned in previous post, my click-rate in WB is very low, thus the revenue per click is not even enough to buy a cup of morning coffee. 🙂

However, with the launch of WB’s CPM today, I hope the earning from WB could improve.

Take a look at the screenshot below, some of my widgets are getting quite good impression but low click rate for the month of December.


In order to start earning this international CPM ads revenue, we need to replace existing code with new WidgetBucks ad code on the websites.

On the WB main site, I also notice that they have partnered with a few shopping giants to offer thousands of CPM ads for the benefits of the bloggers.

Those partners, includes eBay, Wal Mart, Shopping.com, Amazon, Best Buy and many others.


I hope WidgetBucks can pay good CPM rate for the impression I’m getting.

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