Why Windows 7? Linux is much better, and is Free.

Why pirated Windows 7?
Get free Linux operating system.

I agreed that Windows 7 is better than Vista, but latest version of Fedora and Ubuntu is much better than Windows 7.

I have been using Fedora on my home PC for more than a year. There may be some problems too in Fedora Linux, the more I learn, the more I like it.

Interesting read, Linux versus Windows 7

EVEN as hundreds of legitimate users queued for hours to buy Microsoft’s new Windows 7 software at its official launch here on Wednesday night, many others did not even move from their computers to get it, downloading bootleg copies off the Internet.

The software, which manages a computer’s operations, is currently the top software download on popular file-sharing sites like Mininova and IsoHunt, both of which have had bootleg copies available since Tuesday. According to the sites’ statistics, thousands of users are downloading the operating system, even now.

Microsoft’s office here has also seen online users on popular local forums discussing ways to download the software giant’s first operating system since 2007’s Windows Vista, said a company spokesman.

Illegal downloads are easily available and convenient, said software industry watchdog Business Software Alliance’s (BSA) senior director of anti-piracy, Mr Tarun Sawney.

According to the BSA, some 36 per cent of computers here last year were running pirated software, a small decrease from 37 per cent in 2007 and 39 per cent in 2006.

So far, the Internet appears to be the only way to get the bootlegs, said a Microsoft spokesman, who noted: ‘We have not seen retailers selling (physical) bootleg copies.’

News from The Straits Times 22 Oct 2009.

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