Where is Whitley Road Detention Centre?

I believe everyone know who is Mas Selamat by now. He is the most wanted man in Singapore. Thousands of policemen, SAF soldiers and Gurkhas are out there to hunt for JI terrorist Mas Selamat.

Many people are asking how did an limp unarmed terrorist managed to escaped from highly secured detention centre?

Just out of curiosity, I want to know where is the Whitley Road Detention Centre? Is this the place where all the detainees charged under Internal Security Act (ISA) are held up?

According to Strait Times, the detention centre off Whitley Road is set among a cluster of low-rise buildings near the former Police Academy.

Let use Google Earth to do the job.

Whitley Road Detention Centre

The detention centre is located close to the “forest” near PIE. Could he disappeared into the “forest” there?

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7 comments on “Where is Whitley Road Detention Centre?
  1. Criz Lai says:

    I could not believe how he could have escaped under such a tight security. There must be an inside job involved.

  2. hanneng says:


    there are lots of speculations in the coffee shop talks on how the JI militant Mas Selamat escape from the TOILET ..

    I’ll wait for the OFFICIAL report of the saga 🙂

  3. John doo doo says:

    Yes, let’s wait for the official report of the incident.

    While we can read the report, believing it is another story. It could come out like as if you are reading the Straits Times over a cup of coffee (with less sugar).

  4. hanneng says:


    Agreed with you.

    Even we don’t be believe the OFFICIAL report, what can we do?

    RESIGN is NOT the practice in our politic system here!!

  5. Kira says:

    the main thing don’t understand is not sure after how long then they notice selamat disappear.

    30min or an hour ?? just think back how big is the forrest… just send a thousand people to search the place you think got any chance to hide….

    most likely he hiding inside a HDB and his food thing is been taken care of… he just wait for the ( wind sound ) not so tight then try to leave to country.

    I think if he can get out the detention area so easily… getting out of the coutry should be chicken feet….

    just wait if he got post any video like edison…

  6. charis says:

    I understand that the part of the detention centre he was in is underground!!

  7. renalie says:

    Probably the whole news is a another scam. Just to stir the public.

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