What Wrong With Standard Chartered Credit Card?

Recently, a few people left negative comments on my blog post about Standard Chartered Credit Card. You can read my bad experience with Standard Chartered and reader’s comments there.

I’ve closed Standard Chartred credit card and eSaver account many months ago.

I just did the search using Google and found few some negative posts about StanChart credit card at popular local forums such as Stomp, sgClub, HardwareZone, etc.

What Wrong With Standard Chartered Credit Card?

Learned from my inner-circle that, Standard Chartered outsourced their backroom operations to India. Cost savings of outsourcing low-level works to India can look very nice on paper.

However, cheap doesn’t mean good.

The low quality of work that some Indian outsourcing companies provides, can resulting to customer complaints, then causing lost of trust and business opportunities later.

I’m not saying outsourcing is bad, but select a qualified and better outsourcing provider is very important.

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