What Is This Penis-Shaped Trees?

My friend forwarded this picture to me, which he took some months ago, in Bottle Tree Village at Sembawang.

He caught my attention with this trees.

You may ask, what is this penis shaped trees?

Grass Trees is from Australia and are grow very slowly. Mature plants are centuries old and they can have lifespan of 600 years.

The trunk takes a decade to form initially as it is composed of a mass of old leaf bases held together by a natural resin. It is then a further 20 years or more before the mass of thin, linear leaves rises above it.

It took 27 years to grow to a height of 30cm. As it grows only 1-2cm per year, therefore a 1 metre grass tree is usually about 100 year old.

Grass Tree

Very uniquely Australian plant 🙂

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3 comments on “What Is This Penis-Shaped Trees?
  1. radioactive says:

    The trees are funny, but the texture looks quite similar to the oil palm.

  2. didi says:

    I thought they purposely cut like that….

  3. Angling Addict says:

    I think they are called black boys in Australia?

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