what can I do with small USB thumb drive

The capacities of USB mass storage devices such as flash drive or thumb drive are getting larger and will continuous to increase in future. A few manufacturers have made really large capacities flash drive, for example Corsair and Edge Tech Corp has released 32GB version of flash drive respectively. Because of flexibility and relative low cost, the USB flash drive is very popular in the market.

Almost every student and office worker owned at least one unit of thumb drive. The common capacity in the market nowadays is 2GB. You can get one 2GB around $25, 4GB at around $45 and 8GB at around $110.

Flash drives smaller than 1GB has been discontinued and 1GB capacity flash drive is being slowly phased out currently.

I have a few very small capacities flash drive, like this one IBM 128MB USB flash drive. I got it from a lucky draw 2 years ago.

So, what can I do with those small USB flash drives?
USB Flash Drive

One way is to build a Linux Bootable into the flash drive.

The benefits:

1) You can launch Linux system from a bootable flash drive for system troubleshooting and recovery

2) Carry your preferred operating system, applications and files in the pocket.

I learn from this site, USB Pen Drive Linux to build a bootable Damn Small Linux in the 128MB flash drive. If you have larger USB flash drive, the Ubuntu, Knoppix, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS images are available for download.

Basically, you just need a 64MB or larger flash drive and download some free software, and follow the 6 simple steps to make your bootable Linux USB flash drive.

Within 30 minutes, my very first bootable flash drive is ready. I boot up the Fujitsu notebook using the DIY Bootable Damn Small Linux USB drive.

USB Flash Drive

Now, I’ve transform an obsolete 128MB flash drive into a handy emergency tool.

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