Using SendGrid with OpenShift Online

I’m using OpenShift Online for most of the WordPress web applications

OpenShift Online is Red Hat’s public cloud application development and hosting platform that automates the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so that you can focus on writing the code for your business, startup, or next big idea.

OpenShift Online is hosted on Amazon’s EC2. Sometimes, I will encounter email issues like failed to send email from the web applications. This is because most email services are configured to detect and blacklist spam emails originating from Amazon’s EC2.

It is always recommended to relay email through 3rd party email service. One good service is SendGrid.

As an OpenShift Online customer, I can enable SendGrid thru OpenShift Marketplace.

SendGrid is a cloud-based email infrastructure provider and able reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining an email systems. SendGrid provides a free plan which includes 400 Free Email Credits per day.

On Average, 20% of emails never reach the user’s inbox. Email delivery is never guaranteed, even for the transactional emails which are critical to any business, especially critical to the email marketing campaign. To solve this problem, SendGrid provides application developers with world-class email deliverability expertise, ensuring your emails reach customer inboxes.

Learn how to integrate SendGrid with your apps on the OpenShift.
1) Login to OpenShift Online web application console, to sign uo the free SendGrid plan.
setup sendgrid in redhat openshift

2) Once sign-up SendGrid is successful, click on Manage Products -> SendGrid. Under the Service Plan tab, click on the Connect to Apps to connect SendGrid (Free Package) to your Apps.
connect sendgrid in redhat openshift

3) Click on the Visit Dashboard on the OpenShift Marketplace Manage Products to goto SendGrid Dashboard.
openshift marketplace sendgrid dashboard

Next post, I’ll explain how to configure WordPress to send email through SendGrid

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