Reading #5 – Microsoft Azure Managing Virtual Machines

Managing Virtual Machines There are various options for managing Azure VMs; some are available for all platforms, and others just for Windows or Linux VMs. Virtual Machine Agents and Virtual Machine Extensions VM Agent Extensions are software components that extend the VM functionality and management operations. The VM Agent is a lightweight process intended to […]

Reading #3 – Microsoft Azure – Configuring Virtual Machines

IP Addressing Public IP addresses: Used for communication with the Internet, including Azure public-facing services, like SQL Services. You can associate public IP addresses with virtual machines, internet facing load balancers, VPN gateways, and application gateways. Private IP addresses: Used for communication within an Azure virtual network (VNet), and your on-premises network when you use […]

Reading #1 – Microsoft Azure Introduction to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines Amazon Web Services in Plain English AWS to Azure services comparison What Linux Software is supported on Azure? What Windows Server Software is Supported? Azure Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment. Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Optimization Assessment tool. What Virtual Machines Sizes are Available? VM Sizes Linux Virtual Machine Sizing Virtual […]