Still Using Windows XP? Time To Upgrade To Windows Vista

Still Using Windows XP?

I’m not surprise that many of you still running Windows XP, including large number of business PCs.

Windows XP is more than 6 years old, and everyone should use migrate the desktop operating system to Windows Vista or Linux, your choice.

Coming end of this month, (30 June 2008) Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP through its retail and reseller like Dell and HP, Lenova, and others that sell PCs that pre-installed with Windows XP.

According to Microsoft, Windows XP is due to end-of-life (EOL) in April 2014.

If you want to continue getting free support, like security fixes, or online DIY support information till April 2014, then you should patch your Windows XP to Service Pack 3.

Windows XP Life Cycle

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2 comments on “Still Using Windows XP? Time To Upgrade To Windows Vista
  1. kljs says:

    Vista is a bit slow so far….even with SP1…… If it was as fast as Windows XP, then maybe….

    Don’t know, maybe I should install a clean version of Vista on my new computer…

  2. iCalvyn says:

    I always use hibernate for my windowns XP, but when come to windowns vista, shutdown is much more faster then hibernate…

    other then this, the system are very lack, event i am using 2G ram

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