Starhub Broadband on Modem Speed

I’m using Starhub 1Mbps mobile broadband plan on the move. I don’t use it very often, only when I works outside office or on the move.

On the last few occasions where I connect to StarHub HSPA network, the download speed are always not satisfaction. The speeds are ridiculously slow. Most of the time, I only managed to get “modem” speed.

I think, IDA asks ISPs to disclose the average surfing speed or expected speeds for broadband plans is a good move.

I do understand that Internet speeds are affected by many factors and interferences, for example computer speed, broadband modem setting, broadband line, web servers and so on. But this shouldn’t be excuses for not disclosing average surfing speed or minimum guaranteed speed.

StarHub unlimited mobile broadband

StarHub unlimited mobile broadband showing poor download speed.

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