Classified Portal Hack Part 1

I have been using Shops system to post classified ads to sell some of my collection items.

I’ve highlighted in previous post that the ST701 Shops system is not perfect yet.

There is no re-publish function to re-list expired ads

I have to follow the same process to create new ads for the expired ads. This process is really troublesome and time consuming to re-do all the expired ads.

First, select the package to use, either free or paid package, and then choose the most relevant category and sub-category for the product or service.

Now, write a good title, describe the product or service in details and quote a price for the item, select billing methods as well as other fields.

You can upload up to 3 photos or add YouTube video link to improve the sales.

Once you satisfied with the product descriptions, now provides your contact information, like mobile number, email or pick-up address.

Next to preview the ad, and if you’re happy with it, click Publish. Otherwise, click Amend Details to change the ad or you can click Save Only for review at later time.

On the 12 November, I learned that ST701 Shops has implemented new functions to allow re-publish expired ads.

To re-publish the expired ads, select My Ads from the menu to display all the active ads. Open the Expired folder, and then click on the Copy link of the expired ad. The copy function will copy the ad to Saved folder.

ST701 Classified System

Under Saved folder, you can click Publish to re-submit the same ad or make changes to the ad.

ST701 Classified System

This new feature is good, but still no good enough.

This is because you have to copy each of the individual ads to Saved folder, and publish them one by one. Imaging if you have 50 expired ads, you need to repeat the copy and publish process 50 times.

To re-post one ad requires 4 mouse clicks, to re-submit 50 ads, you need to click the mouse 200 times!!!

In my second ST701 review, I’ve suggested to the ST701 team to implement multiple selection check boxes, so that we could re-post in a single click, just like relist multiple items feature in eBay

ST701 Classified System

In my next post, I will show you a better and efficient way to use ST701 Classified Portal.

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