Sky Garden at Suntec City

Sky Garden is one of my favorite place in Suntec City.

The Garden is located at 3rd floor of Suntec City, between Tower 1 and Tower 2. This is a really pretty cool place for lunch break, with the city skyline in the background and overlooking the Fountain Of Wealth.

Sometimes, I would having my take-away lunch and reading book at this cozy conner of Suntec City.

Suntec City Sky Garden

Suntec City Sky Garden

There are not many people around during lunch hours, so its a good place to avoid crowd.

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5 comments on “Sky Garden at Suntec City
  1. chengsun says:

    how to go out to the garden huh? i only saw the “Sky Garden” sign at the place where many restaurants located, but never see any entrance to the garden……

  2. hanneng says:

    chengsun, there is a glass-door at the right, just next to SingPost.

  3. I enjoy the greenery, fresh air and cool shade too. Quite a change from the concrete building and air-con.

  4. didi says:

    what a nice place… It must be very relaxing having lunch at such kind of place…

  5. ke ai says:

    i really like go to sky garden but i don’t know how…..i want to know how much entrance fee if i go inside and it is open every day?

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