Server Crashed On New Year Eve

Today is last working day of the year, yeah .. it’s New Year Eve.

Our HR Manager has announced that all staff may leave the office after 1.00pm, just like the Christmas Eve.

Most of my colleague has left the office after lunch time, including my manager and bosses.

But, I can’t go, because one IBM Citrix server just crashed this morning. 2 hard drives had failed on the eve of year 2007. This is a 24 X 7 service for a customer in India. WTF!!!

In RAID technology, double disk failures in a 3-disk RAID 5 array is equivalent to TOTAL DISK failure.

The vendor has replaced the failures drives and now RAID 5 rebuild is in progress.

Hopefully, data can be recover from last week backup tape. Otherwise, I have to reinstall the Windows and Citrix from scratch 🙁

Server Crashed

I don’t want to spend the New Year Eve in office Smiley

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One comment on “Server Crashed On New Year Eve
  1. Criz Lai says:

    Awww..that hurts. I hope everything is under control now.

    Thanks for being around always during 2007. Happy 2008 and may your life be filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, health, wealth and success for the new year and many years to come.

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