Selling Ang Pow on eBay

Some people collect stamps, some collect coin & currency notes.

I used to collect magnetic Transit Link card and public phone card. I have hundred of Transit Link and public phone cards in my collections. If you’re interested to own them, welcome to visit my eBay store.

One special group of collectors is looking forward the Ang Pow (red packet) in this Chinese New Year festival. Not the money inside, but the Ang Pow of special and unique designs that they are looking for.

Read the news in CNA: Avid Ang Pow collectors source for special ones from abroad.

Usually, days or weeks before Chinese New Year, we can easily ask for free Ang Pow from restaurants, hotels, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and shops that you patronized. Many merchat also giving out Ang Pow as token of appreciation or a gift for your shopping.

Most of the time, we can get the free Ang Pow from restaurants, hotels, banks, restaurants, supermarkets, telecoms, manufacturers, shops and etc.

Few days ago, I started a small test on eBay by selling unused Ang Pow. Just wanted to see how well it sell on eBay.

Ang Pow eBay

There are few eBay sellers are focusing on that festival niche already and more than 200 items listed when I searched the term Ang Pow on eBay Singapore.

But very surprising that within a day, 10 of 23 of my Ang Pow listing has been sold.

The strategy is simple, using low price to attract customers to buy something which I got it for FREE. 🙂

My objective is clear unwanted stuff from my store room and earn a few good feedbacks along the way.

Don’t be afraid to try things out. Sometimes the only way to make progress is JUST DO IT.

This is post of OPAD Day 10.

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