SciTE Text Editor for Linux

I used Notepad++ text editor at work, which running on Windows XP. Notepad++ has lots of advanced features, like edit multiple documents at the same time, auto-detection of file changes while opening the file, tabbed document interface, also support syntax highlighting and many more.

I was looking for similar text editor for my Fedora 12 machine, though it can run on Linux using WINE environment. But I don’t like too much WINE.

Just come across this open source editor:SciTE, which based on the Scintilla editor component. Notepad++ is also using the Scintilla editing component.

Using SciTE to edit PHP files of WordPress theme.

SciTE is a powerful text editor, there are extra configuration files that can enhance SciTE for various languages and APIs. Also, Scintilla includes many useful features when editing and debugging source code. These include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips, etc …

Download SciTE

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