Register Your Domain Name Free

This is rare opportunity.

For a limited time, you can register a new domain name for your small business and get it free for the first year with Usual price for domain registration is $35 per year.

This free offer is good if you intend to build short term internet businesses, for example affiliate marketing, domain trading, content sites.

Before you rush to register, please note that the free domain belongs to a bundle that cannot be transfered.

I have no ideas when the offer will end.

Try your luck here:

Below is the confirmation of free domain order which I registered this afternoon.

Free Domain Name

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8 comments on “Register Your Domain Name Free
  1. fauzi says:

    Really? I bought it from and it cost a total of US$44/- argh damn and it sucks

  2. kljs says:

    Free is free, but if you can’t transfer? that would be bad in the long run….

  3. hanneng says:

    that’s why I said, only good for short term (1 year)

  4. hanneng says:

    if you want cheap and long term, or is better option.

  5. Wing Loon says:

    It still work but dunno whether can transfer later?

  6. hanneng says:

    Wing Long,
    Some people say can transfer, some say cannot ..

  7. Smilesquare says:

    I just registered!.

    “This domain belongs to a bundle and cannot be transfered.”

    So, it cannot be transfered in the future?…

  8. Praveen says:

    Yea, It should be expensive while renewing or transferring. You always have a better choice for cheap domain registration. As we do provide it for cheap at i can say is costly on the comparison.

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