Alibaba Cloud Replace Images

Re-image Alibaba Cloud ECS System Disk

I do often spin up Alibaba Cloud ECS instance from time to time to evaluate new features or to run some experimental project.

Usually, different project would have different set of requirements, such as operating system, software and configuration.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk through how to re-image an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance.

All data will be lost after re-image an Alibaba Cloud ECS. Suggest to create a snapshot for the system disk.

1. Stop the ECS instance
Select an ECS instance and click Stop.
Stop Alibaba Cloud ECS instance

On the Stop dialog box, click on OK to proceed.
confirm to stop Alibaba Cloud ECS

2. Replace System Disk
In the Actions column, expand the More drop-down menu, select Disk and Image, then Replacing System Disk. In the pop-up Replacing System Disk dialog box, take note of the important message, click OK to continue.
Alibaba Cloud ECS Replace System Disk

On the Image Type section, select an image that meet your requirement.

Alibaba Cloud ECS select Marketplace Image
In this demo, I choice a WordPress on LEMP CentOS7.2 64-bits image.

On the System Disk section, you can change the size of the disk according to suite your requirements.

On the Security section, you can Set Password or create an SSH key pair as the authentication method.

Once all the setting are fine, click on Pay to continue. Do take note of the instance and marketplace image fees.

It may take up to 10 minutes re-image system disk to complete. You can monitor the status from ECS console.

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