Poll: Will You Use Advertlets Again?

Since the incident was reported yesterday around 4pm, Advertlets has created a huge historical disaster for his advertising market here.

This is total lost to the Internet advertisement company, as thousands of bloggers forced to remove Advertlets ads from their blogs.

From the statistics I gathered from various online communities, Advertlets is now taking up most of the TOP positions in a few aggregators, like Ping.sg. You can found a lot of discussions in forums, here, here.

Some screenshots taken from ping.sg and advertlets’s main rival.

Advertlets Domain Expired

Advertlets Domain Expired

As we know, retaining customers and partners to boost up business growth is one of the most challenging task.

Now, the BIG question is How Many Bloggers Will Use Advertlets Again?

Will you return to Advertlets again? And what is the reason ?

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3 comments on “Poll: Will You Use Advertlets Again?
  1. Since 3rd January 2008?!?

    Ouch! I only went online today… sigh…

    Will there be any compensation from Advertlets?

    If there is, I may put their codes back.

    The agreement requires prior notice before removing the ad codes right? I had to remove the codes and in doing so, I violated the agreement. Will I be penalised?

  2. hanneng says:

    Culture Shiok,
    Don’t worry too much, it’s not your fault.
    When Advertlets service resume, you just re-insert the codes to your blog, should be fine.

  3. esther says:

    Advertlets no money pay bill?
    How would Josh Lim handle the damage control now…

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