Photo Hunt: Two

This week Photo Hunters Theme is Two.

I find it hard to look for picture that associated with TWO from my collection.

Yesterday morning, when I was on the way to work, I saw the TWO.

The building in the picture is Suntec Tower 2, which located near Temasek Boulevard. Suntec Tower 2 is one of the five towers of Suntec City, one of the largest commercial development in Singapore.

Suntec Tower Two

According to the resources, Suntec City was built in year 1997, the hight of the build is 181 meters, with the total of 45 floors.

P/s: My office is not located in Suntec Tower 2.

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13 comments on “Photo Hunt: Two
  1. says:

    Is this the tower where ECL say got a big fountain in between?

  2. hanneng says:

    @Yenjai, yes. Just facing the largest FengSui big fountain.

  3. what a great shot for TWO!! You even have it written in words!

  4. Lynn says:

    And this is just perfect for the Two theme. 🙂

  5. GeMiNi says:

    有一段时期我每天上班都必须经过这里,不过却不怎么注意这个”TWO”,åˆæˆ–è€…è§†è‹¥æ— ç¹ã€‚åè€Œï¼Œå°è±¡é‡Œå°½æ˜¯ä¸­å›½å’Œæ—¥æœ¬/韩国的游客,七早八早在这里聚集,听导游介绍财富之泉和掌握它的五指山-五座大厦也(寓意财富尽在掌握之中)。


  6. Carver says:

    I love your “two” theme shot.

  7. hanneng says:

    @GeMiNi, Thanks for your message. Till now, the Fountain of Wealth is still very popular with tourist.

  8. That’s a good photo for this week’e theme. You work in Suntec City? 🙂

  9. Love your creativity. Great photo of TWO. Have a good week.

  10. hanneng says:

    @ECL, yes. My office is at Suntec City

  11. John says:

    You photo is nicely fit to the theme.

  12. Paulie says:

    Interesting. I enjoy learning about different areas.

    Come see my entry.

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