Photo Hunt: Tiny

Have you seen the tiny computer that fits in your palm?

Personal Media Corporation in Japan has developed the smallest computer that comes equipped with network interface, compact flash card slot, external display output, USB and RS-232C(serial) connectors.

The name of this tiny computer is named as Teacube.

Teacube is suitable developed as KIOSK terminal for public usage, for example Information Kiosk for museums, train stations and shopping mall. Also, can be developed into database terminal to search books in libraries, watch-line terminal in factories or ticketing systems.

Look at the pictures below which I took on a visit to CommunicAsia in year 2004, the size of the tiny computer is smaller than an orange.
Photo Hunters Tiny

As you can see, LCD display monitor, USB mouse and keyboard is connected to the tiny computer.
Photo Hunters Tiny

The compact flash card that preloaded with a standard real-time Operating System is inserted to the tiny computer.
Photo Hunters Tiny

Hope to get one?

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12 comments on “Photo Hunt: Tiny
  1. tnchick says:

    Wow, that’s neat! Gotta love technology! Love the comparison to the lemon!

  2. technology is amazing!! What a great job you did this week.

  3. Melli says:

    Ahhhhhhhh yea! Soon we will just connect all those wires to our cellphones! True story!

  4. Wow, that really is tiny! Computers are not as big and bulky as they used to be when they first invented them. Technology has come a long way. Great take on “tiny” and have a good weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. PowersTwinB says:

    that is a really teeny tiny comuter..gosh whats next in the computer world? Maybe PCs that fit in a watch? lol..My poto is up, please come qand visit

  6. Criz Lai says:

    Great shot. It’s so tiny. I guessed there’s no compartment for DVDrom. Wishing you a calm, happy and lovely weekend!

  7. Lynn says:

    Informative, thanks for sharing. This tiny computer is a great space saver among other things. 🙂

  8. AlvinC says:

    Oh my gosh… so small… cool…
    but too bad its too small to fit in any graphic cards… XD

    mine’s up too… check it out…
    have a nice weekend… cheers

  9. mott says:

    Wow..that’s so cool! First time I’ve ever seen one.

  10. Wow! Cool! What a tiny computer! Bet it costs a bomb! 🙂

  11. Now that’s Tiny!
    Some day we’ll be using them. Wish it were soon 🙂

    Nice Tiny photo 🙂

  12. hanneng says:

    thanks everyone for your messages.
    This tiny computer is currently available and in-used in many places, mostly unknown to us. It just cost a few thousand dollars.

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