Photo Hunt: Row

I used to work in computer room at one of the local multinational company in Singapore.

We have rows of server racks that houses hundred of servers and equipments, and rows of computer monitors for monitoring purposes.

Probably, many people might ask how do we monitors so many servers.

No, we don’t check them individually.

Because we have monitoring software to help us. The software that will send alert or warning messages to the computer console when unusual situations exist on the systems. That’s make the job easy by just monitor a few consoles regularly.

Photo Hunters Row of Monitor

Photo Hunters Row of Monitor

Now, I am no longer working as operation support, but has moved to back-end technical support.

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12 comments on “Photo Hunt: Row
  1. says:

    I guess it will be real cold in there

  2. hanneng says:

    @Yenjai, yeah, is real cold in the data center, usually below 18c

  3. Jane says:

    Row upon row of computers. I assume mile up mile of cords! Have a great weekend.

  4. Lynn says:

    I seem to get lost when I go to my office’s server room. And yes, it’s very cold in there like what I ‘feel’ from your pictures here.

  5. Dragonheart says:

    Row upon row of servers and monitors! Nice photos for the theme this week. πŸ™‚

    My row photo.

  6. chengsun says:

    i almost thought the 2nd photo was taken in my current office!

  7. below 18c! I would be freezing. I’m scared of cold, cannot take cold. πŸ™

    All along I thought you were a doctor. πŸ™‚ Hey, why don’t you have kids? They are adorable… er until they grow up. hahaha….. I kaypoh. πŸ™‚

  8. didi says:

    What is the different between operation support and back-end technical support?

  9. hanneng says:

    @ECL, I’m also a doctor what, but my patient are computers.

    @didi, operation are the people jaga the system for 24 hours, usually on shift.

    Should there by any problem, operation team will call us (the support) to check loh.

  10. GeMiNi says:

    I thought usually is not allowed to take picture inside data center?

  11. hanneng says:

    @GeMini, you’re right. The 2 pictures here are taken from ex-company, not the current one.

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