Photo Hunt: Flexible

Last week, I attended a workshop organized by a software company that provides backup and recovery tool for Microsoft SQL server.

After the workshop, the organizer gave each of us a small gift.

It is a folded cutlery set

Photo Hunters Flexible

Expanded to fork and spoon.

Photo Hunters Flexible

This folding stainless steel set comes with fork, knife, spoon and can/bottle/wine opener.
Photo Hunters Flexible

It’s so flexible and practical, especially for camping or traveling.

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11 comments on “Photo Hunt: Flexible
  1. pelfy says:

    And cool too!
    Flexible as well!

  2. Hey hanneng! Long time no see! I thought you were out of the Hunt. haha……

    Hey, now that’s a great set of cutlery. So cool! Where can I buy one? It would be handy when I travel.

  3. hanneng says:

    Hi ELC, I was quite busy lately ..

    I got no used of the flexible cutlery set, that’s why I put in eBay for sales 🙂

  4. Yen says:

    Very flexible indeed! Creative too:) Check out mine if you have the chance!

  5. abehap says:

    great idea and pratical for camping 🙂

  6. Lynn says:

    This is better than Swiss knife. 🙂

  7. liza says:

    A very flexible idea for the theme. Happy weekend 🙂

  8. shiera says:

    uniquely flexible! I want one too! 😀

  9. monaco says:

    very flexible indeed. i had one of those before but can’t seem to remember where i put them. he he.

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