Photo Hunt: Small

Last week, I shown you something Long. This week, I’m going to show you small thing.

Actually, quite hard to find something small, because all my things are BIG one. 🙂

Taking a joke apart, here picture of small things.

These are small mobile phone straps with various design.

Photo Hunt Small

Mobile phone straps has become popular among young people, and they may be designed of famous characters, animals ,miniature items or in various shapes. They come in many colors too.

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13 comments on “Photo Hunt: Small
  1. hahaha…. every thing you have is big?

    I don’t like to have mobile phone straps on mine. Look so cartoon. hehe…

  2. Lynn says:

    These are really fancy. You’re correct, kids have different kinds of celphone straps.

  3. Natalie says:

    I’ve never seen those before. They may not have made it out here yet. I live in the boonies and I swear we’re years behind the rest of the world. LOL!

    My Photo Hunt is up too! 🙂

  4. kljs says:

    wondeful coloured and designed straps. Pity my handphone can’t put on a strap……

  5. MissDJM says:

    I love those! Though I don’t buy them for my phone, just to collect because I think they are awesome.

    But great pic and choice for small.

    Photo Hunt
    is up too. Have a great weekend.

  6. Zsolt72 says:

    They look pretty oriental to me…cute:)

    Me and my crazy mind

  7. pat says:

    Oh, I like those little phone cords. Great shot.

    Happy Weekend.

  8. Huey says:

    Hmm… I never really fancy mobile phone straps… Maybe I am not young anymore. Hehe. 😀

  9. Lorian says:

    Oh, you are quite the joker! Lovely shot!

  10. liza says:

    those are really cute and colorful..very nice shot here.. have a great weekend!

  11. pelfy says:

    I don’t hang one on my phone although some may look pretty to me. Great shot though (= Happy weekend (=

  12. Sean says:

    So many fancy handphone straps~ Do you buy some from there?

    My Photo Hunter: Small

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