Photo Hunt: Paper

Mentioned about Paper, most of the people here will know this piece of paper.

The Singapore Pools was once again held the Mooncake Draw yesterday at 9.30 pm, with a jackpot prize of more than $5 million dollars.

TOTO, also known as Lotto in many other countries, is a simple lottery game. A person picks 6 numbers, each from 1 to 45. On a TOTO draw date, 6 numbers plus an additional number is drawn, which sometimes, we called as 6+1. If four or more numbers on a ticket matches the seven drawn numbers, the person wins a cash prize.

The more numbers that match, the bigger the prize. If all 6 numbers match the first 6 numbers drawn, the person becomes a jackpot winner. Minimum investment is $1 for two ordinary TOTO games.

Photo Hunter Paper
The TOTO $5 million Special Mooncake Draw ticket.

I don’t bet regularly, only do when the jackpot prize reached more than $5 million dollars, and just for the fun of games.

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7 comments on “Photo Hunt: Paper
  1. carver says:

    That would be a nice piece of paper to have. Good take on the theme.

  2. betshopboy says:

    I invested $20 but all kena makan!

    No more moon cakes for me this mid autumn festival.

  3. Nita says:

    Great choice of photo! Mine is up too. Hope you can visit me! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. That would be a nice piece of paper to be holding when the winning numbers are yours. Great idea and have a good weekend.

  5. raymond pert says:

    Each number, so crucial; the close up clarity of your photograph magnifies how critical each individual number is in the lottery.

  6. didi says:

    Need to ask colleagus help to buy lumpsome in order to increase the chances…

  7. Paulie says:

    Great idea for this theme. (I keep wondering why I never win the lottery and my daughter told me that “I have to buy a ticket first!”) Ãœ

    Come see my entry. No lottery ticket but worth a million to ME.

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