Pay $10 to get 100 domains and Earn $10000

I told you about the free domains offers by

You can use free domain for domain mapping, which means that map it to your existing web sites such as blogspot, free photo album or host your own WordPress blog at Free Web Hosting (250MB space, 100GB data transfer).

In this method, it makes the long and hard to remember urls more appealing easy to be remembered. You have to quick before someone else registers your favorite domain name.

However, every account is allowed to registers two free domains only.

How to have more domains in an account?

Pay $10 and you can register 100 more domains in an account and actives for one year. One domain cost only $0.10 or less.

Making $100 a month using one website is not difficult with Google AdSense, Chitika, LinkWorth, and many others.

Assuming you just making $100/year using one website, 100 websites can generates $10,000 for you in one year. Making $10,000 online is possible.

If you spend a little bit of time and promote them properly, you will do well. You just have to believe that it can be done.

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