Nokia The Rookie

I like to watch the America reality show, The Apprentice.

Now, I’ve the opportunities to watch the Singapore version, Nokia The Rookie.

Nokia is organizing the reality show, which contestants are fighting for an internship at 4 high-profile companies. These companies are: Nokia (off-course lah, the main sponsor), Microsoft (most people favourite technology company), Standard Chartered Bank and the Zouk (most people favourite night-spot).

Beside to win the internship at Nokia, Microsoft, Standard Chartered, and Zouk, each of the contestants will get one Nokia E72 mobile phone, and special prize for each round of the contest. The Final winner will crowned the Rookie and cash of S$5,000.

As for this week, 6 contestants are already getting “Fired” from the contest. Now, 3 female and 3 male left standing in the contest. What do you think of who would be the last 4 standing?

Let me guess who will be the true Rookie.

My take is: Jeanette Koh
Nokia The Rockie

Jeanette is friendly, hardworking and self-motivated person. I believe in her organisational skills, attention to detail and ability to communicate with others stand her in good chance to win The Rookie.

What do think then?

Catch the latest Nokia The Rookie show here.

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