New rules on not-so-free trial

When I saw this news IDA tightens free trial rules this morning, felt that consumers should at least get some protection over unfair business practices.

A few months ago, I sign-up 3 months trial on Starhub TV. I had never subscribed to paid TV before, and just wanna to see how is the offering. So, I have to keep reminding myself to terminate the service and return the box if wife and me doesn’t like these shows.

We canceled the service in 3 months just before the bill kick-in. We only like a few shows, such as Lie To Me & Burn Notice TV series. No worth of paying $25+ for TV subscription. The termination is quite ease, just walk to any Starhub service center and return the box set, done in 5 minutes.

Free trials deals often lure consumers into signing long term contract, if they are not carefully reading those fine-print.

I would like to share some tips to avoid fall into such trap:

1) Read the Fine Print

Look for procedure to terminate the service and when you will be charged.

2) Don’t fill-up GIRO or credit card payment form

The service provider might charge the fees to your credit card or deduct from your bank account, and can be hard to reverse the charges that were incurred after you canceled the subscription.

3) Remember to cancel

Use your phone reminder feature or Google calender as a reminder to cancel before the trial period ends.

IDA tightens free trial rules

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