My First Advertlets Cheque

After waiting for more than 85 days, finally received my very the first Advertlets cheque in registered mail.

My cheque flown from Kuala Lumpur by airplane one, you know. (not A380-lah, may be by budget air-loh 🙂 )

I’m very surprise that they hand-written the address on the envelope, but got my block number WRONG!!

Luckily, it was saved by Singapore very unique postal code, SingPost managed to traced me down and leave me Delivery Advice on my doorstep.

Anyway, good to receive cheque for the online earning.

Advertlets Cheque

I hope, I will not wait long for next cheque.

Thanks, Advertlets.

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5 comments on “My First Advertlets Cheque
  1. steve says:

    congra. man !!! i am still waiting and yet to hit the first cheque level. 🙁

  2. didi says:

    nice man… dunno when i receive my 1st cheque…

  3. hwchua says:

    i must still waitng for a long time for my 1st cheque

  4. Jayce says:

    Wow… Almost 3 months to get the cheque…

    I cash out on DEC 07. And I still did not get any cheque until now… 🙁

  5. Jayce says:

    The cheque still not arrive at my door. 🙁

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