Multihomed Windows Server vs Multihomed Linux Server

I was tasked to setup multihomed Active Directory servers, connecting internal network and external network.

The external network interface causes numerous problems for external servers to communicates with the multihomed Active Directory servers. This is because network interfaces on the multihomed DCs are registering both the internal and external IP with the DNS server. DNS name resolution lookup requests return records in a “round robin” method. That means, half of the DNS lookup requests return an IP address that cannot be reached.

Windows Server 2003
Basically, four steps to resolve these multihomed Windows servers issue:

1) Disable registration on the external network interface on the multihomed domain controller.
2) Disable the round robin functionality on the DNS server.
3) Remove the existing entries in DNS.
4) Change the binding order of the network interfaces so that the internal interface is the first bound adapter.

Refer to Microsoft support for detail steps.

Linux server
Configure multi-home in Linux environment is so much easy.

Just assign each interface IP address using ifconfig command line.

# ifconfig eth0 up
# ifconfig eth1 up

Once two IP assigned the Linux system. No special configuration needed. The Linux multi-homing is up and running in just 3 minutes.

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