Moving Computer Room and Messy Cable

We are in the midst of moving office, including the small computer room, out of Orchard area due to high rental.

This is the time to re-organize and clean up lots of old equipment in the computer room.

This evening, we spent more than 4 hours of dismantles servers, network equipments and some other devices.

First, pull out all the network cables from the patch panel.
Messy Cable

Messy Cable

All patch panel removed.
Messy Cable

Tons of red and blue cat5 cable at the back of the rack
Messy Cable

Now, you see, all clear.
Messy Cable

Waiting for mover to move the rack to new computer room tomorrow morning.

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One comment on “Moving Computer Room and Messy Cable
  1. Criz Lai says:

    Once glance at the 2nd photo and I thought they were baking crab claws in an oven. haha.. I must be hungry now 😛

    Gosh.. I hate moving stuff at such a great scale. One wrong connection and you will be hacking some military sites… haha… I think I have watched too many Mission Impossible series 😛

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