Motorola SBV5121i VeCM or D-Link DVG-G5402SP Wireless IAD?

Currently, I’ve thousand-plus StarHub Rewards Points which going to expired on 15 Feb.

In order to exchange for useful stuff and able to enjoy enjoy a free home line (Digital Voice), I’m thinking of to redeem:
1) Motorola SBV5121i Voice-Enabled Cable Modem
2) D-Link DVG-G5402SP Wireless Integrated Access Device.

Motorola SBV5121i VeCM basically just a voice-enabled cable modem which allows me to go online and make phone calls at the same time. On another hand, D-Link DVG-G5402SP is an integrated wireless router and voice port.

Both device cost are the same, as I need to top-up S$45, on top of the 1500 Rewards Points.

If I were to redeem Motorola SBV5121i VeCM, then existing Motorola SB5101i Cable Modem would have become spare. If I choose option 2, then it will replace current Linksys WRT54G router.

In terms of resale value, I think the Linksys WRT54G router can pick-up better price than the Motorola SB5101i Cable Modem, because Linksys wireless router can be used at any type of Internet connection, while cable modem is restricted to cable-ready home only.

One drawback of the D-Link DVG-G5402SP Wireless IAD is router’s admin privilege will be locked down by StarHub. Thus, making not possible to upgrade new firmware and access to advanced configuration.

Motorola SBV5121i VeCM or D-Link DVG-G5402SP Wireless IAD?
So, what do you guys think?

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  1. tjiabk says:

    u can transfer ur starhub points from account1 to account 2 then back to account 1 again.
    expiry us reset

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