Microsoft no longer send MCP certificates

Just learn from MCP portal that Microsoft will discontinue sending Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certificates from July 2009. If you want a paper certificate, then you must pay shipping and handling fees.

According to born to learn, Microsoft is supporting GREEN movement and to reduce carbon footprint.

What a lousy excuses!

Imaging after you study so hard to pass the exam, you got nothing to prove. Microsoft make so much money and each Microsoft exam is not cheap, S$265 per paper ~~ 🙁

They can cut the useless wallet card & welcome kit, but not the certificate.

Microsoft Certificates

Microsoft had remove many MCP benefits many years ago, like the pin badge, TechNet membership, etc

Now, don’t even get a certificate.

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One comment on “Microsoft no longer send MCP certificates
  1. Michael says:

    Lucky me: I have had my MCP certificates plus wallet card plus pin badge sent to me. But I totally agree: its a lousy excuse »We go green – that’s why you get nothing«.
    btw: this red/yellow? MCITP certificate is the todays look ? Mine is blue/white

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