Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Services : Reading #4 – Azure DNS

Azure DNS

Azure DNS is a hosting service for DNS domains, providing name resolution using the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. By hosting your domains in Azure, you can manage your DNS records using the same credentials, APIs, tools, and billing as your other Azure services.

DNS domains in Azure DNS are hosted on Azure’s global network of DNS name servers. Azure uses Anycast networking so that each DNS query is answered by the closest available DNS server. This provides both fast performance and high availability for your domain.

The Azure DNS service is based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM). As such, it benefits from ARM features such as role-based access control, audit logs, and resource locking.

Domains and DNS records can be managed using
Azure portal
Azure PowerShell cmdlets
Azure CLI
Applications requiring automatic DNS management can integrate with the service via the REST API and SDKs.

The domains purchased from a third-party domain name registrar, can be hosted in Azure DNS for the management of DNS records.
Delegation of DNS zones with Azure DNS
Add a custom domain name to Azure Active Directory

Delegating a Domain to Azure DNS
Once you create your DNS zone in Azure DNS, you need to set up NS records in the parent zone to make Azure DNS the authoritative source for name resolution for your zone.

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