Making Money$ Online, Loyalty is Backed By Money

While reading some blogs about two local Internet Ads companies on their customer services, no ads, exclusive club and so on, I received email from LinkWorth that payout has been made to my PayPal account.

LinkWorth paid me USD$41.06 for the one and half month of displaying rotating ad links. Another US$28 is pending for payment next month. No bad for a small technology site that I run (not this blog).


No point of complaining this and that.

I don’t want to waste too much time to complain, just spend more time to improve the ranking and site popularity.

If company X don’t give me ads, I just look at company Y. There are hundred online advertising companies out there.

Use Google to search.

If this one doesn’t work, jump next.

I hear someone talk about loyalty. I can tell you that, there is no loyalty toward Internet advertising industry.

I’m loyalty to the money, not company.

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