Launch an Alibaba Cloud ECS in 3 easy steps

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a type of compute resource that features flexible processing capabilities. An ECS instance is a virtual machine that includes CPU, memory and disk.

Today, I will go through 3 easy steps to purchase an ECS instance. This article is applicable to entry-level users.


  • Select configurations
  • Create an instance
  • Connect to an instance

Select configuration
Select an ECS Start Package Plan. Choose the configuration that can meet the requirement for your application.
Alibaba Cloud ECS Starter Package Plan

Choose the Datacenter Region and Zone that closer to your users.
Alibaba Cloud regions are physical data centers that spread all over the world to reduce the network latency. Zones are the physical areas with independent power grids and networks in one region. The network latency within the same zone is shorter.
Alibaba Cloud Choose the Datacenter Region and Zone

Choose the Operating System
Alibaba Cloud Choose the Operating System

Choose Pricing Model
Resources in Subscription mode are billed on a monthly basis. The auto-renewal feature affects the status changes of the instance when a Subscription instance expires. I suggest to enable auto-renew.
Alibaba Cloud Choose Pricing Model

Lastly, confirm instance configuration and fee.
Alibaba ECS Starter Plan confirm payment

The ECS instance will be created in less than 5 minutes.

Now let’s start create a free trial account and try out Alibaba Cloud products and services worth $300-$1200.

Connect to an instance
The VNC allows you to connect to your ECS instance by using a web browser. However, in order to ssh or putty to the ECS instance, you need to Reset an ECS instance password first.

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