Laptop Recovery Made Easy

When company issue me the laptop, the manager tell us to take care the laptop, for example never take your eyes off your laptop when using it in public places and on traveling.

This because laptop contains large amount of highly confidential data, such as business contracts, proposals, corporate directory, key customer contacts, work instructions, e-mails and many others critical information.

Verey I for Windows

I fully aware that laptop theft is on the rise, so it’s important to protect my working companion at all times, especially when I works outside my office.

The key is to solve the theft issues before they become a problem.

Verey I for Windows is the answer.

When a laptop that installed with Verey I for Windows is stolen, Verey I for Windows will send an alert to predefined email address, reporting the IP address, network information and serial number.

This will help quickly to track and recover the laptop.

Verey I for Windows

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