International Cloud Service Providers in China

In recent years, a few cloud service providers in China begin to step out from their comfort zone to expand their cloud business to compete with Amazon, Google and Azure worldwide. The China cloud market is complex where many public cloud service providers are competing and most of them are not known outside China. Some of them like, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent and Huawei have big cloud ambitions.

Most of the public cloud service providers are restricted to users residing in China. Only a hand-full are open registration to international users.

In this post, I’ll briefly introduce a few China cloud service providers that starting to goes international.

Alibaba Cloud is China’s largest public cloud service provider and ranks as 4th largest public cloud service provider worldwide. Alibaba Cloud provide almost hundreds of products and services and able to head-to-head compete with the big boy like AWS, Azure and GCP.
Why Alibaba Cloud

Chinese internet giant Tencent is putting a lots of resources into cloud business. Tencent Cloud is massively roll-out global data center expansion. Tencent Cloud International operates 23 availability zones spread across 16 regions globally.

UCloud is expanding into international market to offering competitive pricing on cloud services. UCloud provides basic cloud services such as cloud hosting, cloud database, cloud memory storage, load balancing, CDN, and hybrid cloud.
Ucloud global network

Huawei is the biggest telecommunication equipment manufacturer and the 6th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Currently, Huawei Cloud (International) has 2 regions which is Shanghai and Hong Kong, where they are offering services in compute, storage, database, network, security and application.
Why huawei cloud

Cloud CompanyRegions in ChinaInternational Regions
Alibaba Cloud8 location at China, Hong Kong10 location at Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, Australia (Sydney), Germany (Frankfurt), UAE (Dubai), US (Virginia),US (Silicon Valley),Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur),India (Mumbai),Indonesia (Jakarta)
Tencent Cloud6 location at China, Hong Kong10 location at South Korea (Seoul), Singapore, US (Silicon Valley), US (Virginia ), Canada (Toronto) Germany (Frankfurt), India (Mumbai), Thailand (Bangkok), Russia(Moscow), Japan(Tokyo)
UCloud4 location at China, Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung)15 location at UK (London), Russia(Moscow),Germany (Frankfurt)、Singapore,Thailand (Bangkok),,Indonesia (Jakarta),Japan (Tokyo),South Korea (Seoul),India (Mumbai), Brazil (São Paulo), US (Los Angeles, Washington)
Huawei Enterprise Cloud (International)1 location at China1 location at Hong Kong
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