Internal Part of Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem

Mine Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem USB dongle dead very long times ago.

Nowadays, most people will use Huawei 3G Modem now. I hardly see anyone using Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem.
By the way, learn how to configure Huawei E1762 USB modem on older Fedora linux.

This Samsung Z800 HSDPA USB modem is built-in MicroSD Slot. It has been serving me quite well, but the size is too big.
This is how it look like.
Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem

Since I going to throw away this useless piece of device, why not open up and take a look what inside?
Look like most of the chip is provided by Qualcomm.
Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem

I can’t find much information, such as board and chip, on the Internet.

Nowadays, getting a 3G Mobile Broadband Modem is easy.

Samsung Z800 HSDPA modem

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