Install Chromium Web browser on Fedora 12

Google has released Chromium Web browser sometimes ago. I wanted to install on my Fedora 12 system.

Install Chromium Web browser from

rpm -ivh

The installation may failed due to dependencies of libicu libraries.

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by chromium- is needed by chromium- is needed by chromium-

My Fedora 12 system already has the International Components for Unicode libraries 4.2.1 ( which were not supported by Chromium Web browser.

So, to resolves the libicu 4.0 dependencies, first remove the newer version from my system.

yum remove libicu

Then get the libicu 4.0 from RPM search and install using rpm command.

rpm -ivh libicu-4.0.1-5.fc11.i586.rpm

The short-cut icon would appear in Applications, Internet.



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