Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery

Hybrid Backup Recovery VMware virtual machine backup

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a fully managed backup and storage service. It providing a secure and cost-effective backup solution. I have talked briefly on Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery, Backup Files from On-Premises Server to cloud and define Backup Plan and Backup Policy in my previous posts.

Now, I will demonstrate back up the VMWare virtual machines to cloud using Hybrid Backup Recovery.

Before configure the VMware virtual machine backup, here are the prerequisites:
Firstly, it is always recommended to create a RAM user with AccessKey.
Secondly, create a backup vault

On the Hybrid Backup Recovery console, in the navigation pane, select the On-Premises Backup, VM Client, click Create Client.

In the Create Client dialog box, configure the required settings and click Create.
Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery VM Backup Create Client

Once the backup vault is created, download the OVA VM appliance and Certificate.

When the OVA is downloaded, deploy the VM appliance onto the VMWare environment.

Logon to the VMWare vSphere Web Client, click on the VMWare Host Cluster, select the Deploy OVF Template option. In the Deploy OVF Template dialog box, select Local File. Browse to select the VM appliance Alibaba-Cloud-Backup-Appliance-1.0.8.ova and then click Next.

Follow the instruction from VMWare vSphere Web Client console, setting up the VM configuration, for example: name of the OVF template, select a host or cluster, datastore, networking, and so on to deploy the VM appliance into the VM Data Center.

After the OVF template is deployed, power on the virtual machine. Use a browser and access to http://<hostname/IP-address>:8011

Hybrid Backup Recovery VM Backup Register Client

Once the Hybrid Backup Recovery Gateway registration is successfully completed, next step is to create a backup plan and backup policy

Hybrid Backup Recovery Overview

Before begin a backup job, always create a backup policy to manage the regular backup jobs. On the Hybrid Backup Gateway console, select Backup Policies and click Create Backup Policy. Enter the Policy Name and specify the Effective Date & Time and Backup Interval. Click Submit to complete

Hybrid Backup Gateway Create Backup Policy

I’ll look into the VMware virtual machine image backup in the next post.

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