Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery

Hybrid Backup Recovery Create Backup Plan and Backup Policy

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Once the Hybrid Backup Recovery client installation and activation is successfully completed, launch a browser to log on to an HBR file client at http://localhost:8011 on the client host.

Hybrid Backup Recovery Backup Plan

On the left pane, select Backup Policies, click on the Create Policy. In the Create Policy dialog window, enter the Policy Name and input the the required settings. Click Submit to proceed.
Hybrid Backup Recovery Create Backup Policy

On the left pane, select Backup, then click on Create Backup Job. In the Create Backup Job dialog window, input backup path, select the Running Plan and a Backup Policy.
Hybrid Backup Recovery create a backup job

It is recommended to configure Bandwidth Throttling during peak hours. Specify the required Work Hours and click Add. Then, enter the maximum allowed bandwidth during the specified time range in the Throttling field. This is to prevent the backup job traffic consuming network traffic during peak office hours.
Hybrid Backup Recovery Bandwidth Throttling

A backup job is created now. We’ll monitor the job status later.
Hybrid Backup Recovery scheduled job status

After about 45 minutes, the backup job successfully transferred approx 55GB data to Alibaba Cloud.
Hybrid Backup Recovery backup completion

On the Overview dashboard, we could monitor the backup vault utilization
Hybrid Backup Recovery Overview

We will look into backup VMWare Virtual Machine in up coming post.

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