How To Integrate Your eBay Store in WordPress Blog

Previously, I shown you How To Integrate Amazon aStore in Your WordPress Blog. Actually, you can do the same to integrate your eBay listing into your blog too.

Do you wanted to bring your blog readers to your eBay listing to boost your sales? Or bring your eBay customers to your blog? According to statistics, eBay brings in 8.5 million visitors every day, making the largest online marketplace in the world.

Integrate your eBay store and your blog would benefits both traffic of your blog as well as your eBay store.

How To Integrate Them?

Step 1

You need to use RSS Feed Generator to generate RSS feeds of your products on eBay.

Enter your user ID at the From specific sellers field.
How To Integrate Your eBay Listing in WordPress Blog

Ensure you select the country of your Items located in field. Also, you might want to arrange the sorting order (Sort by) and Results per page.

Once you satisfy with your search criteria, click the Search button.

If you didn’t get the desired result, you can always tweak your search criteria again.

Now, go all the way down to the lower section of the search result page, until you see the RSS icon.

How To Integrate Your eBay Listing in WordPress Blog

Step 2

Login to FeedBurner or uses any others RSS feeds management tools you familiar with.

Simply right-click on an RSS link from eBay search result page, then copy the URL and paste it into FeedBurner and click Next to continue.

How To Integrate Your eBay Listing in WordPress Blog

Give a name to your Feed Title and Feed Address, and click Activate Feed.

Now your FeedBurner feed is now live. Click Next to manage your feed.

Click on Publicize tab and use BuzzBoost to republishes your eBay product feed’s content as HTML format. The BuzzBoost gives you a snippet of JavaScript you can paste into your WordPress templates. You can apply your own styles and set number of items and content to display. You can preview the output using the BuzzBoost Preview windows.

Once ready, just click Save.

Step 3
Now, the steps are similar as this post.

1. Create a custom page template for WordPress, for example eBayStore.php

2. Insert the BuzzBoost JavaScript into the eBayStore.php page template.

Template Name: eBay Store

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript” >

Subscribe to RSS headline updates from:
Powered by FeedBurner

<?php get_footer(); ?>

3. Upload the new template (eBayStore.php) to your WordPress theme’s directory.

4. Write a new WordPress Page.

5. On the Page Template at the side, choose eBay Store.

6. Save the page and that’s it. Your integrated eBay Store is ready. The eBay Store with my blog header and footer. Nicely blend in to the blog design.

How To Integrate Your eBay Listing in WordPress Blog

You can access mine integrated eBay Store here.

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    I get eBay templates, and some other tools from

  2. Jamie says:


    Thanks a lot for this post, you’ve solved my problem. Except for one thing, I can’t make the image appear on my web page like they have done with yours. Is there something I’m missing, buzz boost is only showing a bullet point at the start of the post title, with no picture underneath.

    Thanks for you help.


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