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How to get started with Cloudron on Alibaba Cloud (part 3)

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To access the App Store, you need to sign up for a account. Use this account to access the App Store and manage your subscription. For free account, you can deploy up to 2 Standard Apps.

Sign up with

The Cloudron App Store is a repository of apps hosted at The App Store provides app packages that can be installed on a Cloudron. A Cloudron installation periodically polls the App Store for updates.

Deploy the first WebApps on the Cloudron App Store
The Cloudron dashboard is installed on the subdomain and every app you install is assigned to a subdomain.

For this example, I’ll installing WordPress to test the Cloudron platform.
Cloudron install WordPress

Enter a subdomain to install WordPress.
Install WordPress Subdomain

When WordPress has been installed, hover your mouse over the app in My Apps and you will see several options to manage it, including:

Clicking on Configure lets you change the subdomain, manage users and more.

Cloudron first WordPress App

Finally, we have successfully installed and configured Cloudron on Alibaba Cloud with the first WebApps. Cloudron allows everyone to quickly and easily deploy any WebApps on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud service deployed in this tutorial
1) ECS
2) DNS

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