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How to get started with Cloudron on Alibaba Cloud (part 2)

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When the Cloudron installation is complete, reboot the ECS and then browse to https://IP_Address. Ignore the browser security warning of the security certificate is not trusted, we will address the self-sign SSL cert later.

1. Domain Setup
I use as an example.

Add a domain, so that Cloudron can create the dashboard at and WebApps are installed under subdomains that you specify like, and so on.

Next, select the DNS service in which the domain in hosted. I used Alibaba Cloud DNS to manage DNS, select the Wildcard or Manual option. The default Certificate Provider option is set as Let’s Encrypt Prod – Wildcard .

Provide a domain for your Cloudron Setup

2. DNS Settings
Bedore hitting the Next, add the following DNS A record into the Alibaba Cloud DNS

Cloudron Alibaba Cloud DNS

3. Create a Cloudron admin account
Once DNS is setup, Cloudron will obtain an SSL certificate for the server securing the connection and will redirect to

Create a new admin account in a few quick steps as shown below and you’re ready to go.
Welcome to CLoudron Setup Admin Acount

Now, the Cloudron account setup is complete, you’ll landed into your Cloudron control panel. For the moment, there are no apps installed.

Cloudron No apps installed yet

We will talk on deploy an WebApps on the Cloudron App Store next post.

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