Hard Disk Failure

One of my 160GB SATA disk going to crash soon. Smartmontools health assessment test showing the disk expected to failed in less than 24 hours!

Hard Disk Failing

~~ transferring almost 130GB data out to another disk ~~ (crossed finger, hopefully all data are recoverable)

Nowadays, the price of hard disk is getting cheaper and cheaper, for example 1 Terabyte SATA hard disk with 5 years warranty cost around S$160.
But I still prefer to get two smaller disks, instead of one large hard disk.
Because when one disk failed, I don’t lose all the data.

What do you think?

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One comment on “Hard Disk Failure
  1. didi says:

    If u get 2 pcs of 250GB hdd, and setup raid 1 mirror. Then u can save time on backup… hehe

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