Google TV 2.0 is coming soon

Just read from Google TV?official blog that Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) is coming soon. This Android 3.1 will released for Sony devices first next week, and then to Logitech Revue weeks later.

Since I already update Android 3.1 HoneyComb beta on Logitech Revue sometimes ago, I won’t be surprise these new features, such as simple interface, Youtube integrated search and more apps that design for Google TV.

Initially, only very small number of apps specially designed for Google TV available at Google Market, around 50+ apps or so.

Anyway, with the Google Market, we could always install third party apps on Android 3.1 or sideload apk into the Logitech Revue using USB drive.

I hope with the future release of Android OS, that will enhance the capability of playing games and more movies apps.

Now, you have more reason to own Google TV box 🙂

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