Google says Sorry to me

Since last evening, I’ve problem accessing blogspot site.

Every time, when click on any blogspot-powered blogs, Google keep saying We’re Sorry to me for not able to fulfills my requests. I think Google suspect that I’m a terrorist trying to harm or bomb the Internet.

Already using Spybot to search and destroy all terrorists inside my computer. Also, delete all cookies and browser cache, but still continue seeing this error message.

Google says We're Sorry

I think, I can only access blogspot sites after Mas Selamat is captured. 🙂

What to do now?

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2 comments on “Google says Sorry to me
  1. Yusri says:


    And I thought that was real. Nice edit though… 🙂

  2. scamboy says:

    Is this real? It probably could be a spyware or some kind of virus in the computer.

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