Google maps are terribly outdated

Look at the maps capture from 2 map providers, Google Map and, at the same location.

They look very different.

Map captured from
Alexandra Road StreetDirectory

Map captured from Google Map
Alexandra Road Google

This area has changed so much since 4-5 years ago.
If you’re depending on Google Map to search for building, for sure you’ll get lost.
Wondering when Google will update their map?

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3 comments on “Google maps are terribly outdated
  1. Dennis says:

    Ya…totally agree…just realised it too when i saw my old hdb flat on Kim Tian Road on the google maps and the fact that the hdb flat does not existed several years ago!

  2. hanneng says:

    @Dennis, that’s why I prefer to use there are more features and useful info at

  3. Haikkel says:

    I was totally lost with Google maps the last time I used them. They may have nice features, but I still prefer Mr

    Their iphone maps is quite cool. just go to using your iphone.


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